This page gives an overview about my past and current teaching and supervision activities. This includes some online resources for students. These lists are definitely incomplete.

Teaching Activities

Some material is also available on SlideShare.

Beuth University of Applied Science

Topic Type When
Operating Systems Bachelor course (Media Informatics) 2014,2018
Distributed Systems Bachelor course (Media Informatics) 2018
Reliable and Safe Systems Bachelor course (Technical Computer Science) 2018

Chemnitz University of Technology

Topic Type When
Distributed Operating Systems Masters course 2016
Design of Software for Embedded Systems Masters course 2014, 2015
Betriebssysteme I Bachelor course, with Prof. Dr. Matthias Werner 2015, 2016, 2017
Dependable Systems Masters course 2017
Embedded Lab Masters course 2017

Hasso Plattner Institute

Topic Type When
Dependable Systems Masters course 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010
Parallel Programming Concepts Masters course 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010
Parallel Programming Concepts OpenHPI Online Course
(approx. 10.000 students)
Exotic Methods in Parallel Computing Masters seminar 2012
Industrieseminar - "Cloud Computing - Trends und Anwendungen in der Industrie" Masters seminar 2010
HPI Youth Academy Computer science for kids
(age 12-14)
2013, 2012, 2011, 2010
Large Scale Processing for Multimedia Analysis Masters seminar 2011
Large Scale Processing for Semantic Web Technologies Masters seminar 2010
Large-Scale Data Analysis on Cloud Platforms Masters seminar 2010
Betriebssysteme I Bachelor course 2012, 2009
Middleware and Distributed Systems Masters course, with Dr. Martin v. Löwis 2007
Distributed and Mobile Systems Masters seminar, with Prof. Dr. Andreas Polze 2006
Component Programming and Middleware Masters course, with Prof. Dr. Andreas Polze 2005
Grid Occam Masters course, with Prof. Dr. Andreas Polze 2005
Aspektorientierte Programmierung Masters seminar, with Prof. Dr. Andreas Polze 2003
Mobility Technologies Masters seminar, with Prof. Dr. Andreas Polze 2003

Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH)

Topic Type When Comment
Parallelized XML Processing PhD course summer 2008 The slides of the XML introduction lecture in this course are available for download ( parxml08.pdf)
Server Architectures master-level course (DV2407) spring 2008 Lectures: Parallel Architectures, Shared Memory / Message Passing Programming, Fault Tolerance, Performance Metrics, Parallel Hardware, Parallel Software, Grid Computing
Server Architectures master-level course (DV1314) autumn 2007 Lectures: Software Components, OO Middleware, .NET, Java EE, CORBA, Web Services, Naming Infrastructures, Security
Server Architectures master-level course (DV1314) autumn 2007 Lectures: Software Components, OO Middleware, .NET, Java EE, CORBA, Web Services, Naming Infrastructures, Security
Legal aspects of research Lecture May 2008 Slides are available for download ( lawinresearch.pdf)
Python 2.5 Virtual Machine Lecture April 2008 Slides ( pythonvm08.pdf) and lab exercise ( pythonvm08lab.pdf) are available for download.

Supervisor Activities

Who Topic Type When
Mohammed Arif Performance analysis of a serial inter-processor communication protocol M.Sc. thesis 2017
Christine Jakobs Dependability Modelling with Fuzzy Structure Formulas M.Sc. thesis 2015
Stefan Naumann Verlässlichkeitsmodelle verteilter Anwendungen Bachelor thesis 2015
Johan Uhle Dependability Modeling for DevOps Environments M.Sc. thesis 2014
Markus Götz Distributed OpenMP with Python M.Sc. thesis 2014
Thomas Bünger Modellierung von Sicherheit in vernetzten Fahrzeugsystemen M.Sc. thesis 2014
Stefan Klauck Task-Core Mapping on Blue Gene/Q M.Sc. thesis 2014
Lena Herscheid Fehlerbaumanalyse durch Simulation M.Sc. thesis 2013
Norman Höfler Parallelverarbeitung von log-basierten Anomaliesignalen M.Sc. thesis 2013
Franz Becker Analyse von Fehlerbäumen mit unscharfen Eingabewerten M.Sc. thesis 2013
Frank Feinbube Programmiermodelle für heterogene Rechnerarchitekturen Co-supervised PhD thesis
Stefan Richter Fehlerinjektion und Fehlertoleranz in z/Linux M.Sc. thesis 2012
Christoph Neijenhuis Parallelisierung des SIFT-Algorithmus in verteilten NUMA-Systemen M.Sc. thesis 2012
Michael Grünewald Verlässliche Ausführung durch Redundanz auf Anwendungsebene M.Sc. thesis 2012
Paul Römer Einfluss von Compiler-Optimierungen auf die Verlässlichkeit von Software M.Sc. thesis 2011
Frank Zschockelt Überwachung und Behandlung von Hardware-Fehlern mit modernen Prozessorarchitekturen M.Sc. thesis 2011
Dawit Mengistu Improving the performance of distributed multi-agent based simulation Co-supervised PhD thesis 2010
Kamilla Klonowska Theoretical Aspects on Performance Bounds and Fault Tolerance in Parallel Computing Co-supervised PhD thesis 2008
Shahid Hussain, Hassan Shabbir Directory scalability in multi-agent based systems M.Sc. thesis 2008
Eiko Büttner Dynamische Überwachung und deterministische Wiederausführung von Java Services basierend auf Data Replay M.Sc. thesis 2007
Paul Bouche' Instrumentierung von J2EE-Dienstimplementierungen in ASG M.Sc. thesis 2007
Tobias Rausch Discovering Causes of Multifactoral Diseases M.Sc. thesis 2006
Alexander Saar Leistungsüberwachung von Web-Service-Anwendungen in heterogenen Java Enterprise Umgebungen M.Sc. thesis 2006
Entwicklung einer transnationalen Experiment-basierten Lernumgebung im Leonardo DaVinci Programm der EU. Bachelor project winter 2006 / 2007
Kai Köhne Grid-Occam – Eine Sprache zur Koordination und Konfiguration in Grid-Systemen M.Sc. thesis August 2006
Tobias Rausch Discovering Causes of Multifactorial Diseases M.Sc. thesis August 2006
"Software Evaluation, Maintenance and Re-Engineering" together with Siemens AG Bachelor project summer 2006
"Semantic SOA – Realisierung des Adaptive Services Grid" together with DaimlerChrysler Research Ulm and NIWA Web Solutions, Vienna, Austria Bachelor project winter 2005
Marcus Roscher Prediktionsmechanismen in Grid-Umgebungen M.Sc. thesis October 2005
Michael Böhl Plattformunabhängige OGSI/WSRF-Dienste in .NET Umgebungen M.Sc. thesis September 2005
Lars Lindner Das Grid-Filesystem M.Sc. thesis June 2005
Matthias Lendholdt Ressourcenpartitionierung für Grid-Systeme M.Sc. thesis April 2005

Supplemental Material

I summarized some of the common cloud offerings on a dedicated page.

I also get frequent questions about a Master thesis template ( master_thesis_template.zip). This one was authored by Markus Götz, so all credits belong to him.